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Abdulla Mohammed Al Khan was born in Bin Ali Avenue in the city of Muharraq on August 18, 1937.

He used to help his father in developing films and drying pictures after the classes. In 1957, Alkhan graduated from high school. Two years later he joined the Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)ís Career school. In 1960 BAPCO sent him on scholarship to England to study photography, he worked for BAPCO as a photographer until 1970.

A year later he and his friend Khalifa Shaheen started the photography establishment which they called Falcon Cinefoto. This establishment kept its influential role and pictorial charm until the end of 2005.

At the beginning of 2006, he detached himself from Falcon Cinefoto and created his own photography place Bahrain House of Photography where the spirit of photography came back to him, revitalizing the arts within him.